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Gah! D: - Out of the Fire and Into the Ether.
Out of the Fire and Into the Ether.
Gah! D:
(an entry from last night. google!app decided it didn't want to post it)

My DVD player died AGAIN. It's like an annual thing now. I go and I buy one and it's magically not working 12 months later. I don't even use it a lot. I mean, it would be understandable if I watched DVDs every day, but I don't. I don't even use it every WEEK! D: I'm cursed.

In other news, I was sick again on Sunday. My stomach was bothering me. Again. This was different, though. This was "omg I think I'm gonna puke" sick-- the other one was just sort of blarg. It only lasted about six hours, but it wiped me out. I didn't get up Sunday night until about 11:00, and then I ate a sandwich, smoked a cigarette, and went to watch DVDs in my room. Except my DVD player decided that it didn't want to read discs anymore and decided to om nom nom them instead. So then I went to bed again. Because, damn, I wanted to watch DVDs and nothing else, so if I can't watch DVDs then my only other option is sleep. No computer, no reading, BED! And only the bed.

So then I woke up at 11:00 this morning. And I did stuff, like get my hair cut and eat lunch. Then I went to Wal-Mart and bought a new DVD player. (fuck you, old DVD player!) Then I put gas in my car because it was sucking fumes. And then it rained on me, like, really, really hard and my pants are still wet from the fucking rain.

And now I'm at work. Whoa. D:

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